Kids Stuff: Mama Gets Inventive

Our cosy apartment doesn’t leave much room for lots of toys or big, space-gobbling play equipment so recently I had to get a little inventive.

My youngest has always loved playing ‘kitchen’, cooking up all sorts of inedible treats so I wanted to make them a little cafe/kitchen to indulge their imaginary play. We already had a number of food/kitchen related play things so everything just really needed reorganizing.


Light bulb moment: a shelf! Above is the ‘before’ pic. I re-arranged a few things (made space in the bookcase in the lounge for a mini-kids library) and then got to work.


A quick trip to the local hardware store, picking up some adhesive velcro dots and a few hooks. Also got some spray paint as I thought I might paint it all white but I ended up not doing that, might use it for another project down the line.


I used the velcro dots to put on the serving trays (part of the kids tea sets that we already had) and on a small blackboard (left over from our wedding but can be picked up from a $2 shop for next to nothing).


I screwed some hooks into the underside of the top shelf for cup hooks, placed the blackboard and tray to the back of the unit, set up the food & utensils and voila! The curtains I added a few days later – just some simple ones that I made on the sewing machine (rectangles hemmed & folded over & stitched at the top).A couple more hooks each side and some of that stretchy, clear string was all I used to attach it.

And that’s it. The kids LOVED it and played with it non-stop for about a week. It’s been a few months now and it still gets regular use. I’m thinking of changing it up to something else soon, maybe a hospital or a shop, not sure yet but will definitely share it when I do!


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