Apartment Life: Gardening

Our family resides in a 1960’s brick apartment, one of eighteen in the block. At this point in time not a lot of my peers (peeps with young families) would dream of living in apartment, not in Australia anyway. Buying the big free standing house with the back yard is still the Aussie dream, however I think many would be finding this dream more and more challenging to make into a reality. We like the area we live in (within 6-7 km of Melbourne’s CBD) and moving to the outer suburbs of Melbourne, although an option, does not appeal to us at this stage. Neither of us are fans of a long commute, plus we love being close to the beach and city. OK, I admit that I love the squillions of cafes offering coffee everywhere too.

My husband is German, from a city where apartment living is the norm. Maybe one day we will make the move; when we are ready AND when we can afford it (mainly when we can afford it!). In the mean time I am trying to make it work for our growing family. Growing up on farm myself meant that my siblings and I always had our own section of the vegie garden to plant what we wanted.  Not being able to replicate that exactly, we have taken to planting various easy to grow plants in pots and a desolate strip of soil at the back of our apartment block.


Here we have spring onions in the small pot (just took the root end plus a bit extra from some spring onions from the store) and in the large pot some potatoes and sweet potato that I may or may not have found sprouting at the back of my pantry. Of course every garden needs the personal touch so Miss 6 and Master 3 have added their rainbow windmills.

Of course not every ‘gardening’ venture ends up with things being planted. Sometimes the following just happens….


Mud pies, mud soups…quickly turns to mud body painting….

The soil quality is pretty crap so we add potting mix from time to time. The kids make ‘worm farms’, am not really sure that they work but what the heck. The goal is for them to learn about how their food grows, about getting outside, getting nice and dirty and basically just having the chance to get good and grubby.

Hubby has also taken to gardening, building a vertical garden on our tiny balcony, but that’s another story!


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